Thursday, March 30, 2017

Locals in the Local Rag

Check it out folks....That there is Leonie doing her stuff, kindly sponsored by Thomas Crothers.  You can read the article from the Standard below.

(Thanks Thomas for supporting Leonie, super job)

Students help the Delta Therapy Dog program
The group are making significant contributions to the Delta Therapy Dogs program.
The program involves dogs visiting hospitals as a form of therapy to help patients get through their time of illness or injury.
The year 10 leadership group at Brauer College is raising money to ensure the program continues at South West Healthcare. They began this work last year when they held fundraisers as part of their roles as year 9 captains.
On Tuesday, the students watched on as Delta Therapy Dogs graduate Layla and her owner Leonie Guld visited Finn Tolland who was in the pediatric ward with a fractured arm.
Student representative Ella Medley said the ongoing fundraising efforts were worthwhile.
“We are stoked, absolutely stoked, we are so proud we chose this, it’s great,” she said of the program.

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