Thursday, March 30, 2017

Locals in the Local Rag

Check it out folks....That there is Leonie doing her stuff, kindly sponsored by Thomas Crothers.  You can read the article from the Standard below.

(Thanks Thomas for supporting Leonie, super job)

Students help the Delta Therapy Dog program
The group are making significant contributions to the Delta Therapy Dogs program.
The program involves dogs visiting hospitals as a form of therapy to help patients get through their time of illness or injury.
The year 10 leadership group at Brauer College is raising money to ensure the program continues at South West Healthcare. They began this work last year when they held fundraisers as part of their roles as year 9 captains.
On Tuesday, the students watched on as Delta Therapy Dogs graduate Layla and her owner Leonie Guld visited Finn Tolland who was in the pediatric ward with a fractured arm.
Student representative Ella Medley said the ongoing fundraising efforts were worthwhile.
“We are stoked, absolutely stoked, we are so proud we chose this, it’s great,” she said of the program.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Congratulations Wangoom, you have done it again!  What a fantastic day out.  Well done to all involved.  

Photos taken by F Guld.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

White Elephant Sale - Treasure and Tea - Sunday 19 March 2017

Come along to our very own
Sunday, 19th of March @ 11.30 
Auction begins 1.00pm.  

All Welcome

Hello locals and out of towner’s.  It’s time again….We need your help!   As you are aware, we cannot hold this day without your efforts, donations and treasures.  We would love to have donations of; Bric a Brac, plants, home baked goods, preserves (please list ingredients), crafty delights, home grown produce, hand picked flowers (please provide water containers) or anything else you have lying around that you no longer find attractive & or useful. 

The Hall will be open for donation drop off and set up on Fri 17th 10-3, Sat 18th, all day.  Feel free to pop in and lend a hand. No electrical items or mattresses please. 

                                Volunteers Required!
For those who wish to lend a hand on the day...your hands are welcome! Please contact Anne Adams 
0418  528787  or Leonie Guld 0418 992 580 with your skills and talents!  

Scone /Slice Bakers, Plant Extraordinaire's and 
Preserve Master Chefs  WANTED

Space Wanted

Do you have a spot behind a shed, along a fence or just out the back where the Hall Committee could place a storage container?  We need help….can you offer a spot with easy access that we can load up any manner of items and store goods when the renovations begin?  Could we arrange something with you?  If so, please contact Anne on 0418 528787. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Wangoom Christmas Party 2016

Congratulations Wangoom, super night, fine food and great people.  Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year.  


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Wangoom Hall Christmas Party!

Christmas Party 
It’s time to deck those halls!!  

Merry Christmas Wangoom!

Wangoom Hall Christmas Party will be held on 
Friday 16th December @ 6.30 pm. 
BYO : Meat or Veggie alternative, Drinks, Salad or 
Dessert to share.  

TOZER AWARD participants get your public speaking hats on.  A topic has been set and applicants need to contact Leonie on or 0418 992 580 to register.
Come on Wangoom Community, we need you to knock on doors, ring on bells and tap on your neighbours windows too.  If you have any newbies next door give them a shove along to come along!  All welcome.