Sunday, March 22, 2015

White Elephant Treasure & Tea UPDATE

Well the new date and time WORKED A TREAT!!

The day was hailed a huge success! Thank you to all who helped. The child labour was particularly strong this year and greatly appreciated.

HUGE thank you’s go to.............

* Auctioneer - Simon Henderson : Saffin Bowen Kerr
* Coast 2 Coast Castle’s
* Homeseeka
* George Taylors
* Trevor Emeny & The Durdins’
* Gage - Face Painter Extradionair
* Barista Sue & Fresha
* Bill for his Rocks

Additional Volunteers : Jane, Jack, Jackie, Jacquie, Janita, Mary, Margaret, Dave, Drakie, Drea, Penny, Peter, Anne Maree, Al, Gerry, Kathleen, Richard, Crothers boys, Adams/Beckel kids, Drakie girls, Melican teens & Walsh tribe. If we have forgotten anyone blame Leonie.

Thank you to all who donated goods. The cakes, plants and produce went exceptionally well.

The Hall Committee could not do it without your support each and every year, thank you for the GREAT EFFORT! Anne, Ken, Mark, Charles, Andy, Jenny & Leonie.

Photos provided by Jenny.

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